SHEAC Consultancy

SHEAC provides consultancy services on specific elements of safety, health and environment that can be integrated with quality systems that complies with Integrated Management Systems (IMS). Our consultancy is one of the best ways in which we can work together to ensure you have the highest implemented Safety Standards for your company. 

Safety Standards We Help Implement

  • ISO 45001 - Safety Standards
  • OHSAS 18001 - Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series
  • ISO 14001 - Environmental Care
  • ISO 9001 - Quality Management System
  • ISRS - International Safety Rating System
  • HACCP - Hazards and Critical Control Points

5 Benefits Of Hiring A Safety Consultant

How We Can Work Together

SHEAC is flexible on your site requirements that you can choose on the improvement plan that you will be provided from the day your site is audited and surveyed by SHEAC will provide you a detailed report with recommended action plans for your site to implement and worked it out either with your own resources or with SHEAC as your partner. 

  • We will assess your safety standards and work with you to create and implement a new customised safety plan, ensuring you have everything you need. 
  • Just click the red button below to book a free call to discuss your current safety standards and how we can help you.

Taha was the first man to teach me and make me believe in Safety at work

Taha was the first man to teach me and make me believe in Safety at work. I have met many Safety Managers, and Taha is considered the best in my opinion as he does not only work as a safety Manager or consultant, he truly believes in what he does and breaches. Not to mention that he posses great personality and excellent skills & abilities when it comes to presentation and convincing others. When it comes to health, safety and Environment, Taha is the best of the best.

Emad Maghrabi - Operations & Supply Chain Executive Director

He has completed training to more than 90 % Of our employee in all mines and head office

Taha is one of best trainer I have met in safety and health training and has the ability to to deliver the information to the trainee from Miner , operators up to higher management. . I am glad he has completed training to more than 90 % Of our employee in all mines and head office. And it was excellent. And I saw that in my employee work habit in short period. And all happy with training provided by Taha.

Yahia M. AlShangiti - Chairman Drillcorp Sahara Saudi

Taha Khalil is truly the leader of Safety.

Taha Khalil is truly the leader of Safety. He always gives the maximum when it comes to Safety Training. Taha has conducted many safety training courses during his time in Unilever and this has enhanced the safety culture within the organization. Honestly speaking attending Safety Training Course with Mr. Taha would unforgettable experience, and I am pretty sure that you will learn a lot from him. I would definitely recommend him to provide Safety Training to any company no matter how big is that organization. I wish you all the best dear brother.

Abdullah Al-Muashi - HR Business Partner at Schindler Olayan Elevator Ltd (Saudi Arabia)

Taha is a detailed-oriented Engineer and excellent facilitator.

Taha is a detailed-oriented Engineer who is very polite and cooperative. He is also an Excellent Team Player and Facilitator, always ready to complete his assignment on time

Muhannad Al Nabulsi - GM POQ


Safety can be challenging, there are systems to put in place, staff to train and standards to meet. You might be unsure of one of the following?

  • Whether your safety standards are you up to date, 
  • Is your company safety legally compliant? Should you be at another level? 
  • Are your staff trained to the level they should be? 

Why not talk to us, assess your safety standards needs and get clear on your safety needs to ensure your company and staff are safe and not losing money through poor safety standards. 


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