7 Ways To Build A Positive Safety Culture

Seven Ways To Build A Positive Safety Culture

Seven Ways To Build A Positive Safety Culture

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What is Safety Culture?

Safety culture refers to the way things are done at your workplace. safety culture is the mindsets, attitudes, and behaviors of workers, managers. Positive safety culture in the workplace is absolutely vital to a successful and effective health and safety program.

 Here are 7 Ways to Build a Positive Safety culture :

1.Make Safety a priorityFor an organization to have a positive safety culture, leaders must be explicit about there being no acceptable trade-offs between safety and productivity. That said, when safety is truly prioritized, productivity often follows accordingly. 

2.Role model behaviors from the topLeadership by example is important for sustainable change. Workers normally will follow the bosses. If management commits to safety, employees will follow suit. They have to WALK THE TALK.

3.Provide TrainingTraining employees demonstrates your commitment to safety. Trained employees also embrace safety culture more readily because they are aware of hazards and the effect that they can have on maintaining workplace safety.

4.CommunicateA great way to increase safety communication while building a positive culture is to hold weekly or monthly safety talks & establishing a communication plan.

5.Reward & RecognitionReward employees who report safety hazards or concerns. A positive safety culture will be much easier to build and maintain when employees feel comfortable reporting concerns and believe that the reporting process is positive. NO BLAME.

6.Involve WorkersBuilding and maintaining a safety culture starts from the ground up. The fastest way to create employee buy-in is to involve them in the process. NO INVOLVEMENT NO COMMITMENT.

7.Put Plans into Action Having a trained and active worker is not enough. The changes should become part of the day to day organization activities to have a lasting effect.

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Safety can be challenging, there are systems to put in place, staff to train and standards to meet. You might be unsure of one of the following?

  • Whether your safety standards are you up to date, 
  • Is your company safety legally compliant? Should you be at another level? 
  • Are your staff trained to the level they should be? 

Why not talk to us, assess your safety standards needs and get clear on your safety needs to ensure your company and staff are safe and not losing money through poor safety standards. 

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