5 Reasons For Risk Assessment

5 Reasons to conduct risk assessment study

اسباب القيام بدراسة تحليل المخاطر

1-Meet legal requirements .

2-Increase awareness among employees

3-Determine if existing control measures are adequate or not.

4-Determine whether we need more controls.

5-Reduce cost by being proactive instead of reactive.

 5 أسباب لعمل دراسة تحليل المخاطر

1- تلبية المتطلبات القانونية.

2-زيادة الوعي بين الموظفين

3 - تحديد ما إذا كانت تدابير الرقابة الحالية كافية أم لا.

4 - تحديد ما إذا كنا بحاجة إلى مزيد من الضوابط.

5-خفض التكلفة عن طريق الاستباقية بدلا من رد الفعل


Safety can be challenging, there are systems to put in place, staff to train and standards to meet. You might be unsure of one of the following?

  • Whether your safety standards are you up to date, 
  • Is your company safety legally compliant? Should you be at another level? 
  • Are your staff trained to the level they should be? 

Why not talk to us, assess your safety standards needs and get clear on your safety needs to ensure your company and staff are safe and not losing money through poor safety standards. 

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