5 Benefits of Safety Consulting

5 Benefits Of Safety Consulting 


Whether you need a solution to a specific task such as a fire risk assessment or a health and safety audit, or ISO 45001 or OSHAS 18001 you are looking for support with a longer-term project, or short term , we are the people who can assist you and add value to what you are wanting to achieve.


1. AN INCREASE IN EMPLOYEE SAFETY KNOWLEDGEHiring a safety consultant allows employees to be fully aware of what can happen in their workplace if they are not careful. When employees are informed about the safety practices they need to follow, they are less likely to be hurt while on the job.

2. WE ARE CURRENT ON THE LATEST SAFETY REGULATIONSSafety regulations can change over time. When employees are current in their safety knowledge, they will understand how to take any necessary preventive actions to avoid being hurt at work.

3. WE KNOW WHAT IT TAKES TO COMPLY WITH REGULATIONSEvery workplace doing business nowadays needs to completely comply with government rules and regulations. Because these rules and regulations can sometimes be difficult to understand, hiring a safety consultant makes it easy for employees to understand the rules and regulations they must comply with to remain safe in the workplace.

4. IT COSTS LESS THAN HIRING ANOTHER EMPLOYEEWhile some workplaces will hire another employee to oversee workplace safety, it often costs less to hire a professional workplace safety consultant.

5. WORKPLACE SAFETY IMPROVES THE BOTTOM LINEThe fewer accidents a workplace experiences, the higher its chances of improving its bottom line. When employees are educated on workplace safety, they are less likely to have an accident. Fewer workplace accidents often lead to a lower insurance premium, which can save a business hundred or even thousands of Riyals every year.

EXAMPLES OF OUR CONSULTANCY SERVICES INCLUDE:• ISO 45001 / ISO 14001 system consulting • Safety Auditing• Safety Management Systems• Risk Assessment• Fire Risk Assessment• Safety Training

Any of these consultancy services can be sourced on an ad-hoc basis, or packaged within our Advisor Service to give you peace of mind and on-going support. ARE YOU READY TO HIRE A PROFESSIONAL SAFETY CONSULTANT?If you are ready to hire a safety consultant, we invite you to contact us now to schedule an appointment. As you can see by the many benefits above, hiring a workplace safety consultant can help when it comes to ensuring that your workplace is safe for all of your employees. 

Our professional safety consultants have plenty of experience ensuring that any particular workplace is safe, giving you the peace of mind you need. Simply contact us to find out more information to address your needs.

سواء أكنت بحاجة إلى حل لمهمة محددة مثل تقييم مخاطر الحرائق أو تدقيق الصحة والسلامة ، أو، كنت تبحث عن الدعم خلال مشروع طويل الأجل ، أو على المدى القصير ، نحن الأشخاص الذين يمكنهم مساعدتك وإضافة قيمة إلى ما تريد تحقيقههناك خمس فوائد لإستعانة بمستشار سلامة في مقر عملكاولاً - زيادة سلامة الموظفينعندما يتم إطلاع الموظفين على ممارسات السلامة التي يحتاجون إلى اتباعها في مقر عملهم ، يكونون أقل عرضة للإصابة أثناء العملثانياً – نحن مطلعون على احدث لوائح السلامة لوائح السلامة يمكن أن تتغير مع مرور الوقت لكننا دائما متابعون لاحدث المتطلبات القانونية والنظاميةثالثاً- نعلم ما يتطلبه الامتثال للوائحقد يصعب أحيانًا فهم هذه القواعد واللوائح ، فإن تعيين مستشار سلامة يجعل من السهل على الموظفين فهم القواعد واللوائح التي يجب عليهم اتباعها وافضل الممارسات لتطبيقهارابعاً - تكاليفه أقل من توظيف موظف آخر بدوام كاملخامساً- سلامة مكان العمل عندما يتم تعليم الموظفين على اسس السلامة فإنهم بأذن الله سيكونو أقل عرضة للحوادث وهذا يؤدي الى تقليل تكاليف التأمين والعلاج ، مما يمكن أن يوفر للشركة مئات الآلاف من الريالات كل عام.من الأمثلة على خدماتنا الاستشارية:• استشارات نظام ISO 45001 / ISO 14001• تدقيق السلامة• نظم إدارة السلامة• تقييم المخاطر• تقييم مخاطر الحريق• تدريبات السلا


Safety can be challenging, there are systems to put in place, staff to train and standards to meet. You might be unsure of one of the following?

  • Whether your safety standards are you up to date, 
  • Is your company safety legally compliant? Should you be at another level? 
  • Are your staff trained to the level they should be? 

Why not talk to us, assess your safety standards needs and get clear on your safety needs to ensure your company and staff are safe and not losing money through poor safety standards. 

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