10 Safety Mistakes That Cause Accidents

  1. House keeping - everything in its place leads to good safety. 
  2. Not wearing PPE - Personal Protective Equipment - not wearing these means you are putting your body at risk and exposing them to dangers. 
  3. Working at height without using the proper tools. Using short ladders for examples. 
  4. Not conducting a risk assessment. There is a tool to show you how to assess the risk of your situation. 
  5. Not using the proper tools for the job. Carrying very heavy items with their back instead of using a forklift for example.
  6.  If you do these 20% you will eliminate 80% of accidents. For example There is a man hole open and people neglect doing something about it and someone falls. A bare cable not attended to.
  7. Not investigating accidents, so they do not eliminate the cause of the accidents and it may happen again.
  8. Not training their work force on the proper safe behaviours, equipment etc. 
  9. Neglecting maintenance of equipment, which may cause an accident. 
  10. Lack of communication both visual and verbal. Lack of posters and signs for example. 


Safety can be challenging, there are systems to put in place, staff to train and standards to meet. You might be unsure of one of the following?

  • Whether your safety standards are you up to date, 
  • Is your company safety legally compliant? Should you be at another level? 
  • Are your staff trained to the level they should be? 

Why not talk to us, assess your safety standards needs and get clear on your safety needs to ensure your company and staff are safe and not losing money through poor safety standards. 

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